Napoleon II
Timeline: Napoleon's Australian Victory

Napoleon II., Herzog von Reichstadt
Portrait of Napoleon II

Emperor of the French
1833 – 1851

Predecessor: Napoleon I
Successor: Maximillian

Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation
1833 – 1851

Predecessor: Napoleon I
Successor: Maximillian
Born: 20th March, 1811
Tulieries Palace, Paris, French Empire
Died: 1851
Empress of the French: Sophie of Bavaria

Nap​oleon II, Napoleon the Peacemaker, l'Aiglon or the King of Rome was born on the 20th of March, 1811, the son of Napoleon I and his second wife, Marie-Louise. His birth was celebrated throughout the French Empire as it ensured the continuation of the Bonaparte dynasty. He inherited the throne of France in 1833, upon the death of his father. He devoted his eighteen year reign to improving relations with the nations his father had made distrustful of France. He strengthened ties with Russia and the USA and established diplomatic and trading links with the Ottoman Empire, Brazil, Iceland and the new South American nations. Napoleon II promoted liberal domestic policies, strengthening the powers of the parliament, hoping to establish a more constitutional monarchy along the lines of Britain. He died in 1851, and was succeeded by his son, Maximillian. The reign of Napoleon II was one of the most peaceful, liberal reigns of the empire.

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