The empire of Great Spain
El imperio de la Gran España
Timeline: Napoleon's Spain
Napolions spanje vlag Imperial Coat of Arms of France (1804-1815)
Flag Coat of Arms
Spaanse napolion wereld

Libertad, Orden Público (Spanish)
("Freedom, public order")

Anthem "Veillons au Salut de l'Empire"
Madrid Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Other cities Barcelona, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Athens, Buonas airas, La Paz, Casablanca, Alexandria
  others French
Roman Catholic
  others Protestant, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
South European
  others North African, Turkish, Polynesian
Demonym Spaniard
Government Monarchy
  legislature Emperor's council
Emperor Mariano IV
Established 01/01/1805
Currency Spanish Franc
Internet TLD .gs

Great Spain

Great Spain, officially known as the empire of Great Spain. It is a massive country with land across the globe. Once it was the most powerful country in the world.Nowadays the empire has a weak economy, unemployment is still high and violent raids against government officials happens regularly. With the rise of Islamic terrorist organisations and revolutions, Great Spain closed its borders in North-Africa. Those who take the risk of venturing unauthorized in Great Spain Lands tends to disappear.

Great Spain has a massive problem with drug usage and production and tries everything to win the war on drugs. Great Spain used the infamous “agent orange” to destroy drug plantation. Resulting in many sick and many miscarried children.

Many Nations and organisations have tried to help the situation in Great Spain but the high cost for importing goods and the high price for visa’s makes it difficult for foreign aid. Many believe that soon far of territories like the Philippines and Equatorial Guinea will become independent and with that the nuclear arms that are stored there.

The world waits for this ancient empire to finally die.


birth of an emperor

In 1755 Corsica became independent from the Republic of Genoa. Genoa wanted the island back and they hired the Spanish army to reclaim the island. However with no money to pay for the army Genoa decides to give the sovereignty of Corsica to Spain. Early 1769 Corsica is annex by Spain.On august 15 in the same year Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Napoleon worked his way up in the army and gained fame and glory. He led multiple successful campaigns against the new French republic after the French revolution, But in secret he plotted with the French republic and Spanish revolutionaries to take down the royal family. On 19 November 1799 king Charles IV and his wife were killed by revolutionaries and a coup was staged making way for the first Spanish republic.Spain became allies of France and helped secure it against the other European powers

In 1802 Spain took Gibraltar back from Great Britain and invaded Morocco. In the years that followed Napoleon eliminated his political adversaries one by one and one, uncovered many plots from other forces to take the throne and enjoyed being beloved by the people. On January 1 1805 Napoleon crowned himself emperor of Great Spain.

The expansion

In the years following Great Spain started a mass invasion of the Netherlands for economic reasons.With the aid of France the Great Spanish army annex the Netherlands fairy quickly. In 1806 there is a small war with Great Britain when they invade Buenos Aires but were soon defeated by local forces who were stationed there. In 1808 Great Spain started with the conquest of the Mediterranean sea and Annex south Italy

By 1810 Great Spain landed in Tunis, Libya and Egypt. It was here that Napoleon was inspired by the Pharaoh's greatness and order the construction of the Madrid Pyramid (It was finished in 1831, 10 years after Napoleons death). He dotted the African coast with Spanish trade post. In 1815 Napoleon convinced other European powers (Russia, German Confederation and Austria) that the ottoman empire was a threat to the western way of life and started a containment war on the ottoman’s. Great Spain would annex Greece in 1817 and the Turkish peninsula in 1819.

In the same year the emperor decided that the North-America and the Caribbean were not worth the effort to maintain, so to save manpower and money Great Spain abandoned the continent leaving everyone who stayed behind to survive on there own. While in South-America Any resistance against the empire was quickly put down and in the year 1820 Great Spain starts with eliminating every sign of independence and starts a massive propaganda campaign is started to calm the people and making them believe that independence is a stupid idea.

In the year 1821 Emperor Napoleon the first dies and his son Napoleon II rises to power. The body of the emperor is kept in the royal crypts until 1831 when it is transferred to the Madrid pyramid where it still lies to this day.

In the years 1830 Great Spain start to fully colonize the north African territories and helps France colonize Algiers. in 1840 the Spanish trade port in Equatorial new Guinea tries to become independent from the empire, the empire responds with a genocide and replaces all inhabitants with people loyal to the empire.

The Decline

In the year 1861 Great Spain recognized the Confederate States of America as a country, seeing the new country as a sort of descendant from their former colonies, they fund the nation in the American civil war and take in CSA refugees. However the CSA loses the war but Great Spain offers housing to all citizens who would flee from the USA. This creates friction between the USA and Great Spain. The year 1873 was rough for Great Spain, many revolts throughout the land plagued the nation, and when in the year 1874 emperor Mariano I is assassinated by a bunch of hungry farmers the government saw that it needed to make some changes. By 1873 brand new constitution was drafted and more rights were given to the people and the power of the emperor was weakened but Great Spain stayed an empire. In 1878 Brazil and Great Spain abolish slavery together in an attempt to start a new golden age on the South-American continent. This golden age did not happen but slavery stayed illegal in both nations. In the year 1896 Great Spain pulls back from the many islands in the Spanish east Indies in order to reinforce their grip on the Philippines, leaving everyone who stayed on those islands to their fate. After this the empire remained calm and stayed out of foreign wars. If anything threatened the empire it only had to roll its muscles or threat with trade embargo's

World War 1 and it's aftermath.

On 4 august 1914 Germany attacked the Spanish Netherlands by surprise. Great Spain was unprepared for such an attack and asked Great Britain to hold the Germans back until the Spanish could intervene. Great Britain denied to help Great Spain and only joined when France was attack by Germany. However the Spanish forces fought with the allies and Germany capitulated in November 1918.

The Spanish flu caused havoc in many big cities during the war and in 1919 socialist uprising started in Morocco, the Philippines, and Chile resulting in them breaking away from the empire. military actions could not be taken at the time because of the flu and the unpopularity of war. In 1925 South Italy, Sardinia and Sicily became part of Italy, The empire of great Spain were still dealing with Socialist revolts so a military intervention did not happened. In the year 1936 Catalonia broke away from Great Spain and gained independence. This angered the Empire enough to start the Great Restoration and declared war on Morocco, The Philippines, Chile and Catalonia.By 1939 they were all back under Great Spain’s control. Italy or better phrased Benito Mussolini threatened with war if Great Spain tried to retake there lost territory. So the empire waited for the fist chance they got.

World war 2

When the second world war came, Great Spain was still dealing with internal issues. When an interesting deal came for the empire came from Nazi-Germany.The deal was to buy the Spanish Netherlands from Great Spain. Great Denies this offer and on the 10 of may 1940 Nazi-Germany invades The Spanish Netherlands and on the 11 of may the Italians invade Spanish Greece. Dragging the Empire in the war and truly turning it into a world war. France and Great Britain quickly joined the war. But it was in vain. France capitulated on 22 June 1940 and the Germans advanced on the Iberian peninsula . Emperor Francisco I and the government fled to La Paz, in South-America. In the spring of 1941 the Germans and Italians systematically invaded every island in the Mediterranean, turkey and the North-African colonies. The Great Spanish navy was reduced to rubble and the army was not prepared to fight the German war machine. By December 1941 Madrid,the last free Spanish city on the peninsula fell. The last battle of the Great Spanish army until D-day was fought on new years eve on the slopes of the Madrid pyramid.

The battle of the pyramid:The German troops pushed the last defenders deep within the bowels of the pyramid. Al the way into the burial room of emperor Napoleon the first at the core of the pyramid.They held a valiant last stand but eventually the last Spanish defender perished. The German officers order the looting of the pyramid. Not knowing that some valuables were booby-trapped. With a complex mechanism design over a century ago the pyramid ceiling collapsed on several locations trapping over a 100 German soldiers within the structure. None of them made it out a life and no one dared to venture back into the pyramid.

Great Spain rebuild their navy and modernized their army and on June 1942 they invaded south Spain and aided the British troops in North-Africa.In the summer of 1943 Great Spain fought with the allies In the battle of the Mediterranean and Spanish Greece/Turkey. Great Spain liberated Catalonia in December 1943. And it aided in the Italy campaign. But the largest part of the Great Spanish military didn't showed its face until the 6 of June 1944. Great Spain came with brand new cruisers, aircraft carriers, fighter planes, bombers and landing vehicles.The Great Spanish industry has worked non stop for this day. They even got their own landing beach : sphinx beach just outside of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, North of Le Havre. For Great Spain this was a reminder of its glory days and together with the allies they pushed the Germans all the way back until they met the red army. The aftermath of the war was interesting for Great Spain. Constructing an entire military in such short time has given the empire a massive arms industry. They got there old territories back from Italy which was an excellent boost for moral. It brought together the empire and it used arm sales to strengthen its economy.

The cold war and the space race

In the period of 1946 until 1959 terrorist organisations sprouted up in Spanish Colombia and Spanish Greece. These terrorist attacks were always aimed at the government. The Colombian terrorist demanded a more liberal government while the Greeks fought for more socialist reforms. Great Spain conducted that these terrorist where funded by 2 other super powers: the USA and the soviet union. Great Spain started a spy network in both nations and entered the arms 1950 Great Spain had a nuclear weapon. Inspired by the sputnik of the USSR and with the help of some kidnapped German scientists Great Spain entered the space race. And in march 1951 Great Spain launched it first satellite Napoleon into space. The satellite had a camera on board and through a complicated ejection system was able to send a canister with photo's back to earth. The canister with the photo’s was found in 1968, by that time Great Spain has launched numerous satellites in orbit and around the moon. When the USA landed on the moon in 1969 it infuriated the current emperor Caesarion I and demanded that Great Spain would surpass them by landing a women on the moon. On the 12 of august 1973 two female astronauts launched from the Great Spain Space Exploration center In Spanish Ecuador, On 15 august 1973 they reached Lunar orbit. However when the landing procedure started something went wrong. The moon lander would not release from the return vehicle. When the astronauts tried to repair the mechanism the main thrusters sparked resulting in an explosion pushing them out of orbit and straight for the lunar surface. Both were still alive when the spacecraft crashed into the moon.This ended the Great Spain Space program forever.

Falkland war

By 1982 Great Spain was in the need for new territory, it needed more harbors on the East side of South-America and it needed a cause to rally its citizens and inspire patriotism. so Great Spain invaded the Falklands islands on April 2 1982. Great Britain send elites troops to retake the island, Great Spain respond was to bomb the island in turn and gain air superiority. Both nations agreed that another war on the European continent was unnecessary so fighting was only permitted around the island. Both nations suffered heavy losses in the navy but eventually Great Spain was able to create a blockade and succeeded in stopping the British troops before they reached the island. Great Britain gave up on the island on august 15 1982. but the victory was in vain.

It was the start of a long road filled with weak governments and emperors who gave up the throne as soon as they got them. The nation got more and more immigrants from Africa and educated people left the country as soon as they could. Their arms industry was destroyed after sanctions by the United Nations. The currency became unstable and foreign investors looked elsewhere. Unemployment skyrocketed which resulted in violence against the empire.

The empire could fall apart any day now.

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