Napoleon in His Study-1-


1803: In 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Purchase to the United States of America1814 Napoleon Bonaparte was Exile on the island of Saint Helena, by the United Kingdom after the War of the Sixth Coalition. Yet what if Napoleon Bonaparte had kept Louisiana and had evacuated himself and his supporters to the French territory.


1802: In 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte was able to suppress the Haitian Revolution

1803 The Louisiana Purchase Negotiation between the French government and the US representatives of James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston, are unable to make a compromise. So the French keep the territory.

1814: In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte lost the War of the Sixth Coalition. He and his supporters go to Louisiana. He claims that he is the legal government of France in exile.

1815: In 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte and his supporters(two million French and 100,000 Germans) arrive in the Louisiana territory. He holds a ceremony to make New Orleans the temporary capital of France until Paris is retaken. Representatives from the United States and many Native American tribes attended the ceremony.

Napoleon Emperor In Exile

1816: In 1816 Napoleon orders the building of roads and new cities all along the former Louisiana territory. He incorporated many Native Americans (Who were approximately two million people at that time) into the Louisianan society, by hiring many into his works program.

Death of Napoleon, and the First American War

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The Rise of the Louisiana Republic

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Flag of the Republic of Louisiana

Flag of the Louisiana Republic (1832-Today)

North Mexican War

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Oregon War

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1883, and The Combining of the French and Spanish Crowns

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World at War

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Boom and Bust

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American Civil War

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World War II

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