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1803: In 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Purchase to the United States of America1814 Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to go to Elba after the War of the Sixth Coalition but what if Napoleon Bonaparte had kept Louisiana and been exiled there?


1802: In 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte was able to suppress the Haitian Revolution so there was no need to sell Louisiana to the United States of America in 1803. The French army (40,000 men strong) was transferred to Louisiana-USA borders for two reasons:

1: To stop the USA from attacking/occupying the territory.

2: To stop USA immigrants from settling the territory.

1814: In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte lost the War of the Sixth Coalition. The war had been lost but France and its supporters still occupied the most of Confederation of the Rhine and all of Catalonia, the Peninsular War and the French invasion of Russia had way fewer deaths due to better planning and Napoleon Bonaparte was able to persuade in Congress of Vienna the Coalition to exile him and his supporters in Louisiana. What made Louis XVIII of France agree was that if Napoleon Bonaparte supporters where exiled with Napoleon there wouldn't be any threat to Louis XVIII of France rule. What made the United Kingdom agree is that instead of letting the United States of America taking Louisiana and doubling its size instead there would be an powerful enemy (Napoleon Bonaparte's Louisiana) stoping the them from expanding. The other coalition members didn't disagree or care to stop it from happening.

1815: In 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte and his supporters(two million French and 100,000 Germans) were transported to Louisiana in New Orleans were he was crowned Emperor of Louisiana. Many Native American WarChiefs attended the ceremony and there have been developed good relationships between the French(/Germans) and Native Americans with Napoleon even encouraging mixing between Europeans and Native Americans. Woods have cut and used in order to house all of Napoleon supporters. Many new cities were created in all of Louisiana and the Louisianian empire has been booming becoming the 1st immigrant destination with Napoleon's reforms.

1816: In 1816 Napoleon created an army and build many roads all along Louisiana.He incorporated many Native Americans (Who were approximately two million people) into the Louisianian society by giving them technology and knowledge and learning them how to grow food.He even recruit many of them in his army.

1821: In 1821 after some careful planning Napoleon attacked against the newly created First Mexican Empire giving First Mexican Empire many devastating defeats forcing them to give him territory up to Rio Grande river.

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