In this timeline Napoleon Bonaparte manages to conquer most of mainland Europe, he decides not to attack Russia after getting a marriage with Grand Duchess Anna, sister of Tsar Alexander I. Napoleon gets peace with Britain by the Summer of 1814, war continues with Austria until Christmas 1816 where finally a treaty is signed. With the help of the French and Russian Empire's, Denmark-Norway unifies Scandinavia during the Unity Wars of 1823-1830. France continues to expand its colonies in Africa during the 19th Century, Britain is forced to cede Ireland to France at the end of the Franco-British War in 1873. World War One and World War Two would still happen, but most of the monarchy's would survive to present day.

Timeline (Napoleon's Europe)

Nations(Napoleon's Europe)

Monarchs of France(Napoleon's Europe)

Monarchs of Scandinavia(Napoleon's Europe)

Other People of Importance(Napoleon's Europe)

Wars(Napoleon's Europe)

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