How Napoleon Won ...

In 1813, Napoleon crushes Tsar Alexander's forces near Moscow and then continues north to Petrograd, where he devastates the remaining Russian army. The Tsar dies in battle at Petrograd, making the battle the symbolic end of the Russian Empire, although many Russian aristocrats flee to the East and to Alaska and form states in their exile.

At the end of 1813, having conquered Western Russia, Napoleon turned his attention south and allowed his monstrous empire to devour Italy and slaughter the retreating Italian and British forces at the city of Pescara. Napoleon soon entered Rome unopposed. In May of 1814, with the Peninsular War in at a critical point, the British were annihilated at several battles in Portugal. Portugal quickly signed the "Treaty of Braga" which saw Portugal retreat from it's colonies in Mozambique, East Timor and Angola, return Macau to the Chinese, give full independence to the Brazilians and cede Goa and Portuguese Gambia to France. With the entire Iberian peninsula under French domination, Britain was left as the sole opposition to Napoleon.

In late 1813, Napoleon began designing his invasion of Britain. In 1815, the invasion began and it was later known as the "One Hundred Days War." It saw the simultaneous invasion of England and Ireland. The Battle of Higham saw the total destruction of the British forces and Britain formally surrendered after London finally fell to Napoleon 22 days later.

Soon Napoleon turned his gaze to India and Africa, seeking to carve out land from the native nations to spread the power and influence of the French. Only America stood safe from the constant expansion, soon building it's self up to become France's only rival. The "Age of Napoleon" had finally come at last ...

Differences Between Our World And This World ...

  • America was victorious in the War of 1812. Due to this, the USA has taken territories from the British in Canada causing British control to be severely undermined Canada, allowing secessionists and the Russian Empire to take advantage of the undefended land.
  • The collapse of the Russian Empire encouraged the rapid expansion of Persia, Mongolia, China and Korea into previously Russian-held territory. The states of Siberia and Alaska were created after France's victory and were formed by exiled Russian aristocrats.
  • With all of Europe either annexed into the massive French Empire, reduced to a French puppet state (e.g. Spain and Denmark) or being left as a defeated, rump state (e.g. England, Scotland and Ireland) the colonial scramble for Africa and Asia never occurred. France never felt the need to dominate her oppressed foreign lands and colonies, leaving many natives in French colonies to actually support the French nation and it's Empire and to take advantage of the better economic situations under French rule.
  • Feeling threatened by France's size, foreign powers led constant interventions in the Chinese Empire in order too acquire more land to challenge the monstrous French Empire.
  • Without foreign intervention, Japan would be an Imperial Power under a strong Shogunate even until the early 1900's.
  • Due to expansion north into Canada and eventually south into former Mexico, the US grew into a more conservative, imperialist nation, constantly invading other Central and South American states and creating a new way of ruling it's territory under 13 Commonwealths which united to create the USA.
  • African nations developed with influence from foreign powers, but never in the colonial, imperialist way used by the European powers in OTL. Nearly all of Africa is controlled by African "mega-states" such as the French-supported Mali and the American-supported South Africa.
  • In 2013, the French Empire is the world's military and economic superpower, still in a cold war with the United States and her allies. Other relatively powerful nations include Turkey, Japan and Alaska.

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