The Rebellion at Castle Hill

On the 4th of March, 1804, four hundred Irish convicts faced fifty-seven soldiers of the New South Wales Corps in what would become known as the Castle Hill Convict Revolution . In OTL, the soldiers defeat the rebellious convicts in less than an hour. But what would have happened if the convicts, with their vastly superior numbers, had defeated the military, and taken over the colony of New South Wales?

Main Points of Divergence

  • 1804: A successful convict uprising in the British colony New South Wales defeats the colonial military and proclaims a republic .
  • 1807: Bad weather scatters the British fleet sent to destroy the Danish fleet at Copenhagen. The Danish Navy survives, and Napoleon invades Denmark in 1811 partially to control that navy.
  • 1812: Realising the Continental system is not working, Napoleon, instead of invading Russia, once again plans to invade Britain.
  • 1813: Simon Bolivar dies of cholera, having a huge impact on the future of South America.

Differences from OTL

  • Australia: Due to the victory of the convict rebels, the Republic of New South Wales is created. France sends aid to the new republic and creates a colony in Southern Australia. As a result, Australia is today made up of many countries and colonies.
  • Europe: France dominates Europe, with the continent divided between the huge French Empire and its former satellite states and protectorates, now allies.
  • Russia: Russia, which includes the Balkans, became much more liberal due to their alliance with France, and the liberalised Tsardom remains to this day.
  • North America: The USA, due to the 1813 defeat of Britain by France, wins the War of 1812 and annexes all of British Canada. The American Civil War still occurs, but very differently. Russian Alaska expanded southwards and today includes the entire Californian coast, as well as Baja California. Between the USA and Russia is the Republic of the Rio Grande, founded by Mexican rebels, and Saskatchewan, a buffer state between American Canada and Russian Alaska.
  • South America: Most of the north of the continent is part of the French Empire. The Eastern Third is taken up by the United Kingdom of Brazil and Portuguese Africa. The rest of the continent is made up of republics created in the South American Revolutionary Wars.
  • Asia: Colonisation did occur in Asia, but still not to the extent of OTL. The majority of East Asia is taken up with the Sino-Japanese Empire. The Indian subcontinent is dominated by the Indian Empire, a British successor-state.
  • Africa: As Europe was domintated by the French Empire, European competition for African colonies was not so destructive as in OTL. However, there are still some colonies in Africa. The rest, or "Native Africa" is divided between large native African states, often with foreign backing. The resident native powers are the Empire of Ethiopia and the Kingdom of Zulu.


News from around the world...

  • 10 April 2015: Former Premier of Terre Napoleon Richie Benaud dies at the age of 84. Tributes flow in from around the world to honour the famous statesman. 
  • 7 April 2015: Five border guards are killed in a firefight on the Himalayan border of Sino-Japan and India.
  • 31 September 2014: The parties of the British Spring sign the Birmingham Accords, ending the conflict.
  • 19 May 2014: Former New South Welsh Premier Jack Brabham dies aged 88. President Kerry O'Brien announces a day of mourning and offers a state funeral for the well-respected post-war leader. 

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  1. All citations in this TL are fake. The Green North used it, and I thought it looked cool and so I jumped on the citations bandwagon.

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