Nations to speak of

Nanchao Sinica
Timeline: History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian (Ætas ab Brian)
(and largest city)
Xu Chin
Sinican (Zhongwen)
  others various local dialects, Latin
Government Oligarchy
title of chief of government name of chief of government
Established ~1872(1119)

Ended: 2099(1346)

The Nanchao population was largely made up of ethnic Bazu(Bai) and Ni(Yi) along with many others which migrated to Rome's Magada vassal(~Bihar). By 1900(1147) Sinicans outnumbered Indians in Magada, and Magada was released as a vassal to become the seat of the Nanchao re-conquest of Sinica. Magada's numerous copper and iron mines were a great asset to the Nanchao.

The Nanchao adopted Rome's practice of basing the year on the foundation of a city, they based it on the foundation of Xin Darlit(~Dali), founded in 1694(941), so the date 2193AUC would have been the year 499.

After the Nanchao asserted control over the Indo-Sinican nations of Pagan and Assam in 1913(1160) confidence in the Nanchao dynasty lead to greater investment by Rome. By 1928(1175) there were three times the number of merchant ships (than before the collapse) carrying six times the amount of cargo (larger ships), and the first vaposcurr lines were built.

It was during the Nanchao era that Roman cultural influence was greatest, however the Nanchao did react against Rome's social strata breakdown, if not as strongly as the Tang had. The laxing of the caste system wasn't enough for the rebels of the twenty-first century.

Romans were called Tats'in by Sinicans and much of the Orient.

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