The Foudnation of the Kingdom of Nan

The Kingdom of Nanguo was established after the Han Dynasty inherited the Empire of Sinica aftre the end of the Qin Dynasty. Nanguo took the money from the Kingdom of Chu established after the weakening of the Qin
Kingdom of Nan

The Kingdom of Nan

Dynasty which fought against the first Han Emperor. Nanguo's treasury supported many new expansions and campaigns in the following years. Nanguo was also home to the city of Hong Kong, which would remain independent and a gem in the crown of whoever controlled it until it was incorporated by Emperor Zhongshao. The collapse of the Han Empire saw much blaim placed on the Nanese for the son of the Governor of Hong Kong, who made a deal with Zhongshao to allow him inheritence of the Empire after his own son, became Emperor Wu who was not able to keep the Empire together. The Nanese became subject to many attacks and encrouchments but they eventually secured their borders, but became very suspicious of other countries. This xenophobia would characterize the government of Nan for years to come and would develop into a totalitarian control of any information from other countries, and especially the other Sinican Kingdoms. Nan remained wealthy from the city of Hong Kong and the island of Hainan but made no advances in other fields.
Provinces of Nan

The Five Provinces of Nan with the Island of Hainan.

Leaders of Nan

King Wangcheng 635-648 (118-105 BC) 王臣

King Chujiu 648-656 (105-97 BC) 杵臼

King Bao 656-664 (97-89 BC) 鮑

King Xia 664-687 (89-66 BC) 瑕

King Zuo 687-703 (66-50 BC) 佐

KIng Touman 703-710 (50-43 BC) 頭曼

King De 710-722 (43-31 BC) 得

King Gouyao 722-743 (31-10 BC) 購繇

King Tian 743-768 (10 BC-15 AD) 田

King Bibing 768-780 (15-27 AD) 辟兵

King Cheng 780-786 (27-33 AD) 成

King Zhao 786-794 (33-44 AD) 昭

The Duchies of Nan

The Duchies of Hainan Island

1. Haikou 海口
Nan duchies of hainan island

The Eighteen Duchies of the Island of Hainan.

2. Sanya 三亚

3. Wenchang 文昌

4. Qionghai 琼海

5. Wanning 万宁

6. Wuzhishan 五指山

7. Dongfang 东方

8. Danzhou 儋州

9. Lingao 临高

10. Chengmai 澄迈

11. Ding'an 定安

12. Tunchang 屯昌

13. Changjiang 昌江

14. Baisha 白沙

15. Qiongzhong 琼中

16. Lingshui 陵水

17. Baoting 保亭

18. Ledong 乐东

The Northwestern Province of Nan

1. Bijie 毕节
NW duchies of Nan

Duchies of the Northwestern Province of Nan

2. Zunyi 遵义

3. Anshun 铜仁

4. Liupanshui 六盘水

5. Tongren 安顺

6. Guiyang 贵阳

7. Qianxinan 黔西南

8. Qiannan 黔南

9. Qiandongnan 黔东南

The Northeastern Province of Nan

1. Changsha 长沙

2. Changde 常德

3. Chenzhou 郴州
NE duchies of Nan

The Fourteen Duchies of the Northeastern Province of Nan

4. Hengyang 衡阳

5. Huaihua 怀化

6. Loudi 娄底

7. Shaoyang 邵阳

8. Xiangtan 湘潭

9. Yiyang 益阳

10. Yongzhou 永州

11. Yueyang 岳阳

12. Zhangjiajie 张家界

13. Zhuzhou 株洲

14. Xiangxi 湘西

The Southeastern Province of Nan

1. Baise 百色
SW duchies of Nan

Duchies of the Southeastern Province.

2. Hechi 河池

3. Liuzhou 柳州

4. Guilin 桂林

5. Hezhou 贺州

6. Chongzuo 崇左

7. Nanning 南宁

8. Laibin 来宾

9. Guigang 贵港

10. Wuzhou 梧州

11. Fangchenggang 防城港

12. Qinzhou 钦州

13. Beihai 北海

14. Yulin 玉林

The Southwestern Province of Nan

1. Qingyuan 清遠
SE Duchies of Nan

The Duchies of the Southwestern Province of Nan

2. Shaoguan 韶關

3. Heyuan 河源

4. Meizhou 梅州

5. Chaozhou 潮州

6. Zhaoqing 肇慶

7. Yunfu 雲浮

8. Foshan 佛山

9. Shanguan 山莞

10. Dongguan 東莞

11. Huizhou 惠州

12. Shanwei 汕尾

13. Jieyang 揭陽

14. Shantou 汕頭

15. Zhanjiang 湛江

16. Maoming 茂名

17. Yangjiang 陽江

18. Jiangmen 江門

19. Zhongshan 中山

20. Zhuhai 珠海


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