Flag Namibia (VegWorld)
Map Namibia (VegWorld)
Official language Nàmá
Capital Ai-Gams
Largest Cities Ai-Gams: 230,000
Walvis Bay: 65,000
Swakopmund: 35,000
Population 2,031,000
HDI 0.694
Nation formed
Currency Namibian Dollar (NMD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Namibia, most of Angola, western Botswana

The nation of Namibia is in southern Africa, just north of Good Hope. The vast majority of the population are either hunter-gatherers or subsistence herders or farmers. Except for some areas near the borders, some Bantu enclaves, and the coast (like Walvis Bay and the Dutch-influenced city of Swakopmund), nearly the entire country is composed of Khoisan ethnic groups. Namibia has the highest percentage of Khoisan people (92%) of any nation (though Zambezia (89% Khoisan) has the greatest number).



92% Non-Vegetarian
08% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

Khoisan groups make up the vast majority of the population, and most of them live in rural areas, either farming, herding, or hunting and gathering. Ai-Gams is the largest city and is majority Khoisan, but there are important groups of Europeans (particularly in the Windhoek district) and Bantu peoples. The beach resort of Swakopmund 82% Dutch (OTL German), and is gaining popularity with the European traveller crowd.

92% Khoisan
03% Bantu groups (the Ovambo group being the largest)
04% Europeans (mostly Dutch and Afrikaaners)
01% Pygmy groups


90% Khoisan languages
56% Nama
34% other Khoisan languages
03% Afrikaans
03% Dutch (OTL German)
03% Bantu languages
01% others (English, etc)


76% Indigenous beliefs
14% Non-religious
06% Christian
03% Cathar
01% others

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