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This page contains place names used in the Human History Experiment Map Game

Celestial Bodies

The Sun

Beriex- Dexacos

The Moon

Mimke- Dexacos


Luzeret- Nujork

Lucius- Ætheria

Rashak - Massai

He-xing- Ch'ing-Sha 

Star - Ghigborogh

Anibal- Dexicos


Rufon- Nujork

Pulchrus- Ætheria

Aia - Massai

Shang-xing-Ch'ing Sha

Elceroth - Ghigborogh


Howisop- Nujork

Gaetas- Ætheria

Raiman - Massai

YanXing-Ch'ing Sha

Alluminah - Ghigborogh


Theios- Ætheria

Ashur - Massai

Shuxing-Ch'ing Sha

CyPos - Ghigborogh

Terrestrial names

The World

none so far

The River on Landmass 4

MaHe- Ch'ing Sha

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