Timeline: Luna: Earth II
Namayanflag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Namayan in Dark teal
(and largest city)
Lungsod ng Luna
Language Filipino, Tagalog
President Benigno Aquino III

Namayan is a Lunar colony established by the Philippines sometime in 2005. They did not sign the Space Colonisation Treaty back in 1990. Instead, they were in discussion about whether to sign it or not. Later, in 2003, they asked if they could sign it as they changed their mind, and they were granted access to sign. It is an Autonomous Region of the Republic of the Philippines.


The name Namayan comes from an old name of Manila. The people wanted to change the name to Aquino, but the president declined, as there was places named after his parents already.

More info

The Philippines said that if any other ASEAN country ends up not having a colony, then they could live in Namayan colony. The other ASEAN countries agreed to it, and it's citizens are free to travel to it any-time.


Namayan has 8 Provinces.

  • Kiram Del Sur
  • Kiram Del Norte
  • Aguinaldo
  • Luna
  • Dagohoy
  • Tandang Sora
  • Bagong Buwan
  • Pinagkatulungan

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