The Naman Revolution was the official war of independance of the Naman people and other African Tribes against Spanish and Portuguese Imperial colonialism. This final conflict was fought in 1689 to 1699 following the discovery of Christian missionaries in the Holy Lands of the Natque Muslims near Shaba. This was one of the first wars fought with the alliance of the Iberian Peninsula. However once the Second Roman Anarchy had beun and after the official establishment of the Naman Empire, the Spanish were forced to withdraw and accept the Namans as a people, This also ended the Slavery of North and South America by the Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch by the Africans of this area.


Span: 1689-1699

Location: Portuguse Africa

Outcome: Naman Empire is founded

Belligerents: Side 1: Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire Side 2: Naman Tribe, Several other African tribes.

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