Nam Republic
Namwhu Na Viet
Namesse map No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Age of asia map.
Location of Nam
Capital Hanoi
Largest city Hanoi
Namesse, Tibetan-Burman
  others other languages
Religion Buddhist. (100%)
Demonym Namesse
Government Republic
Democratic Emperor/Empress
Prime minister's Secretary Ming Oau


Prime minister
Population 1,045,000 
Established 23 August 1494
Independence from China
  declared February 23 1491
  recognized 13 August 1994
Currency Nao

The Nam Republic previously Vietnam Province of Ming dynasty .China (1417-1494) and Vietnam [country].

Politics, laws and policies

Namesse map

namesse flag

Nam's government is a republic. A republic is a form of government in which affairs of state are a public matter not the private concern of the rulers, in which public offices are subsequently appointed or elected rather than privately accommodated. A Prime Minister, Emperor/Empress or P.M's Secretary can only stay in office for ten years per term. (2 TERMS MAX)

1ST to make legal....

1. Gay Marriage (1495)    
Age of asia map.

Nam Republic in 1500




history by period

 Middle Ages OTL

400 A.D -1500 A.D

China expands downward into South East Asia taking all countries including Vietnam. After a revolt in Hanoi many people started fighting for independence. They won a major battle.

Renaissance OTL

1600 A.D - 1700

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