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Type: monotheism (very matriarchal) Direction: outwards Focus: saving the world from divine wrath

Deity: The Goddess of Prophecy Titles: The Secret-Keeper, The Honored One, The Far-Seeing

Divine Interaction: in response to most prayers

Involves: different levels of initiation Afterlife: is cold and barren for evildoers and can be reached by the living, with effort Supernatural: unrelated to religion

Worship: joyous individual daily prayers at home Holidays: fairly often Holidays Celebrate: great priests, the equinoxes, saints, martyrs, historical events Major Holiday(s): are more celebration than prayer

Clergy: females only Function: arbiters of holiness, judges, interpreters of scripture/myth Lifestyle: below average Family: normal size Chosen: ordained by other clergy Distinguished By: bound to a certain location

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a representation of wings and a flame Holy Color: white

Passed Down: via one holy book with much commentary Creation Myth Type: succession Mortals' Origin: divine flesh Major Myth/Symbol(s): the resurrection

Deadly Sins: avarice and recklessness High Virtues: charity and temperance

Associated Artform: chanting

Coming of Age: 14 years old (females only) Coming of Age Rite: inolves cleansing

Marriage: is done only out of love Marriage Rites: include a symbolic exchange of food

Death Rites: last up to a week

Major Taboo: sex

Prevalence: believed by most Outsiders: are slaughtered

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