Rise To Power

Nak-Ur is the founding prophet of the Nakki religion. He was born in 2 AU, in an outlying village community of the city of Urd, where he was educated in the Nakki religion by the local priest. He found himself fascinated by the religion, and decided that he was going to become a priest. At the age of thirteen, he left his village and went on a Khem Nak-Ra, literally 'To Become The Light Of Nak." During this religious solitude, he allegedly became enlightened by Nak about the purpose of the mortal world. He returned to known territory and entered the city of Urd in AU 16, claiming to be a prophet of Nak, sent by the creator god to lead his people to victory against the evil of Kalmk. He was enthroned as the religious and secular leader of Urd and declared himself to be the Grand High Priest of Nak.

Ruler of Urd

As the ruler of Urd, Nak-Ur implemented a number of polices that would shape the future of the city-state allowing it to flourish and grow. In AU 22 he invented a proto-writing system, consisting mostly of basic numerals, that became widely for both governmental and ceremonial purposes. This streamlined the city's bureaucracy and allowed expansion to occur at a much faster rate, as reports could be written rather than recited orally, eliminating a vast margin error caused by the the telephone effect. He also used this system to write a basic religious manual called the Marhem Kalmk, meaning "To Fight Kalmk", in 24 AU. It is less of a religious text and more of a brief manual dictating what Nak expects from his followers in the war against Kalmk. This manual states that all men must be ready to fight against Kalmk whenever the Grand High Priest called for their service. Though accepted by the community of Urd, most men paid only lip service to this call for military dedication to the Grand High Priest. He uses this text as validation to form the Temple Guard, the first military organization in the world, in 25 AU. It consists of a standing force of men consisting of roughly a tenth of the population of Urd. These men are sworn to lifelong service underneath the Grand High Priest of Nak and they are taught to handle slings and crude stone knives.

His military ambitions, however, were only just beginning. At the age of 31 in 33 AU, Nak-Ur called for the immediate declaration of eternal loyalty from all adult men in Urd. They were to swear themselves to fight under the orders of the Grand High Priest and the Temple Guard should they ever be called to fight the evil of Kalmk. Those who do not agree are considered heretics and are executed for working in league with Kalmk. By 35 AU, Nak-Ur has a potential force of nearly one thousand troops that can be unleashed on a simple declaration of holy war. In 40 AU, at age 38, Nak-Ur declared that the territory of Urd existed over all of the banks of the Nak River, and that all cities along the banks of the sacred river would have to pay tithes and submit to the laws of Urd, or face annihilation by the will of Nak-Ur.

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