Nahua people
Nahua tlaca
Nezahualcoyotl 2 Javier Hernandez Oscar de la Hoya
Nezahualcoyotl - Izel - Ohtli

Luis Hernandez Julio Cesar Chavez Cain Velasquez
Tezcacoatl - Montezuma - Yaotl

Hirving Lozano Selena El Chapo
Huitzilli - Quetzalxochitl - Cuauhtémoc
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Mexico Mexihco ?
Flag of El Salvador Cuzcatlan ?

The Nahuas, or the Nahua people (Nahuatl: Nahua tlaca) are a group of indigenous people who originate from and form a majority in Mexihco and Cuzcatlan.

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