We all know that in World War II, the Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the USA. We all know thousands of people died. We all know it was because of Hitler.

But what we don't know is the reactions that followed and how everything changed. . . and almost caused the end of the world.

Japan Retaliates

Japan was angry at the two bombings, furious. They wanted to strike back at the Americans in a way that would kill millions.

So, they built a hoard of nuclear weapons.

On December 15, 1946, Japan launched three nuclear bombs towards America. The US government did not know about it, until it was too late.

A normal, sunny day in Los Angeles. People were going about their usual lives.

Then screams rent the peaceful air. Thousands of people looked up at the sky to see a missile plunging towards them. And everything changed as it exploded. People only had seconds to say goodbye, before they were swallowed up by nuclear explosions. Only one thousand survived.

Miami, Florida, was very hot that day. They had just had plenty of rain. But that did not matter anymore. They were all scared and indoors, since they had heard about the nuclear bombing of Los Angeles. The US government had rushed in and were doing anything to neutralize the radiation from the ruins.

The bomb came. And nobody knew it. It struck down on Miami and hit the center of the city. The explosion rippled outward, and, in moments, the whole city was a wasteland. Debris flew through the air, and fires rose thirty feet in the air. Thousands of sea animals were killed. Thousands of people were killed. They staggered about, dropping down dead because of the radiation. Two thousand, three hundred forty-five people survived.

And then came Houston. The whole country was on a strict watch, and the army was patrolling everywhere. Nobody was safe. Nobody knew what to do. Where were the missiles coming from? They were scared.

The bomb came down, and the army had only a few seconds to warn the rest of the country before the explosion shattered the land and decimated the city. There were no survivors.

Japan had gotten its revenge. But they did not realize they had just started a global nuclear war.

USA Turns Dark

The US realized that the whole war was started by the Germans, and they had lost three cities because of the Germans. They grew angry and sent four missiles to Germany, destroying the cities of Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, and destroying thousands of acres of countryside.

Germany sent two missiles to the US, but they exploded before reaching the country. Japan, in its anger, sent one in the direction of the US, but the pilot went off course and dropped it onto China.

China sent its full force into Japan and destroyed nearly everything. But, while they were there, the Soviet Union bombed many parts of Japan. Most of the Chinese army was destroyed.

England bombed the Soviet and this began the global stream of nuclear bombs.

By 2012, the world was a nuclear wasteland and only fifty thousand people remained alive. Most of the survivors retreated to Alaska, one of the only places in the world free of radiation. There they began to build a society and attempted to clean up the Earth. Would it work? Or would they just create another failed civilization?

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