Marcha Real da Guanabara
(Royal March of Guanabara)
National Anthem of the Venetian Republic 697-1797
Royal anthem of GuanabaraFlag(GONN) Guanabara
Also known as Na Bandiera, Na Léngoa, Na Storia
(One Flag, One Language, One Story)
Lyrics Luciano Brunelli
Music Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Adopted 24 March 1823
Until Not used during 1918-1958, due to a Dictatorship

The "Royal March of Guanabara", usually called "Na Bandiera, Na Léngoa, Na Storia" (due to the first line of the music), is the royal anthem of the Kingdom of Guanabara, adopted in 1823, when the first King of the House of Polo arrived in Guanabara. It was composed by Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, with lyrics by Luciano Brunelli. The music has been used as a way to ever remember the origins of the royal family: a noble family from New Venice. It has also been used to claim as a non-patriotic attitude to maintain such music, that very few guanabareans can actually sing, as a official royal anthem, to be played when the King is present.


Marcha Real da Guanabara
(Venetian lyrics)
Royal March of Guanabara
(English translation)
Na Bandiera, na Léngoa, na Storia
Le ne dà siviltà, forsa e gloria (e gloria!)
E ’l futuro splendor le tien alto
Del gran pòpolo fiol de San Marco (San Marco!)
Na nasion, un cor solo, na vóxe
Cei e veci, toxati e tóxe
Che ’ntel cor i conserva ’l Leon
No i se ciama mai vinti,
I fa sù i fondaminti de un nóvo doman.
One Flag, one Language, one History
Give us culture, strenght and glory (and glory!)
And they feed the future brightness
Of the great People son of Saint Mark (Saint Mark!)
One Nation, one heart, one voice
Young and old, boys and girls
Who hold the Lion in their hearts
They never give up,
(They) build up the foundations of a new tomorrow.
Ne dà lustro ’ntel móndo la nostra onestà
E la voja de far e de dare na man.
Fen fiorire la tera dai mónti al mar
Defendémo la paxe e la libartà
Tuti insieme co un solo cuor
Tuti insieme na sola Nasion
Rento el cor conservémo el Leon
No sarémo mai vinti,
Fon sù i fondaminti de un nóvo doman.
Viva! Viva! Viva! Libartà!
Senpre! Senpre! Senpre! Libartà!
Our honesty makes us respected in the world
as our will for doing and giving a hand
We make our Land flourish from the mountains to the sea
We defend peace and freedom
All together, with one heart
All together, one Nation
In our hearts we hold the Lion
We will never be defeated
We build up the foundations of a new tomorrow.
Long live! Long live! Long live! Freedom!
Forever! Forever! Forever! Freedom!

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