A World of Difference Eastern Bullet Train 1

Original bullet train serving the CNR from the 1980s.

A World of Difference Eastern Bullet Train 2

New NaTrak design

The NaTrak Eastern Bullet Service is the bullet train service that runs along the Gulf of Floride and the United States East Coast.

The Eastern Bullet Service was the first bullet train service established in the United States. The EBS was originally mandated and operated by the CNR (Corporate National Railway) Company from 1977 until 1981, upon which the entire company was bought out by the NaTrak company. NaTrak extended the northernmost point from Washington, D.C. to New York City and the southern most point from Jacksonville to Miami in 1982. Starting in 1985, the existing model of trains was slowly retired until it was vanquished in 1987, during which time a newer NaTrak model was introduced. 1987 was also the year the service extended to to Versailles, Quebec in the north and from Miami to New Orleans, Louisane. In 2007, NaTrak announced plans to begin merging its three bullet train services (Pacific Bullet Service, Eastern Bullet Service, and Southern Bullet Service) by connect them through cross country stops in major cities like Port Superior . In 2012, further plans to merge with the Russian-American Railway Company and its bullet service were announced.


The trains run from New Orleans in Louisane, then eastwards to Florida City, south to Miami, north to Jacksonville, and then further north to Atlanta, Charleston, Richmond, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Newark, New York City, northeast to Boston via Hartford, then due northwest to Montreal and ending in Versailles, Quebec via York . Future plans include an extra stop after Boston, then to Versailles and south to Montreal, west to Toronto and further on to Port Superior, south to Detroit, to Cadillac, at which point the route remains ambiguous.

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