The New England Anti-Conservative Organization (NEACO) (pronounced like "Niko") is a prominent left-wing New English political organization and action comittee founded by Samuel L. Davies in 1933 as the Northeastern Anti-Capitalist Organization in Uxbridge, Massachusets and refounded as the New England Anti-Conservative Organization in 1949 by Lawrence F. Dawes in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Its current president is John Kerry, who is also the Prime Minister of New England, representing Massachusetts. Previous Presidents of NEACO included New English President Milton Emerson, Jr., former Governor of Maine Milton Emerson, Sr., and former US Senator Ted Kennedy.

NEACO opposes conservatism, which it describes as "A detriment to freedom and to the middle and working classes." It does not oppose capitalism, but advocates for democratic socialism and left-wing capitalism.

NEACO holds much political clout in the Republic of New England, as most officials do not get elected without their endorsement. It also held political clout when New England was still a part of the United States

It is a strong supporter of the Progressive Social Democratic Party of the Republic of New England, and while New England was a part of the United States, the Socialist Party.

The organization supports increased gay and minority rights, and is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage. There are also active factions supporting environmentalism and animal rights.

NEACO is staunchly pro-labor, and usually opposes any legislation opposing unions and supporting owners. It has a particularly strong relation with the union the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers, whom Milton Emerson and Lawrence Dawes were a part of. NEACO is also for raising taxes on the rich.