North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord
Flag of NATO.svg
MottoAnimus in Consulendo Liber
Man's Mind Ranges Unrestrained in Counsel
AnthemNATO Hymn
CapitalBrussels, Belgium
Largest city New York City, United States
Official languages afds
Type International Collective Security Alliance
 -  dsfa asfd
NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a powerful international defensive alliance that has its primary focus in Western and Central Europe.


NATO was established April 4, 1949 as an allied response against communism, notably in the form of the Soviet Union. NATO was formed as a result of the North Atlantic Treaty, which committed each member-state to the goal of collective defense. With the creation of NATO, many believed that a third world war was imminent and that widespread nuclear destruction was guaranteed. However most modern American Presidents cite NATO as a major peacekeeping force in the world.

Military Operations

Korean War (with the UN) -- After the UN, led by the US, UK, and France (in the absence of the Soviet Union), denounced North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung for his invasion of South Korea, an international military force was sent to the Korean Peninsula to assist the South Koreans in defending their nation. This mission was spearheaded by the US, under General Douglas MacArthur, but consisted of troops from many NATO nations, including: the US, UK, France, Canada, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and (future member) Turkey. All other members of NATO actively provided medical assistance to the UN forces.

To what extent the war was a UN effort and to what extent the war was a NATO effort was of great contention in the Soviet Union, PRC, and North Korea, as well as other Communist bloc nations. While almost all Americans viewed the event as a NATO invasion with UN support, the official political statement was that the UN was operating with assitance from the NATO member states.

Cuban Revolution --

Member States

Original States

NATO 1950

NATO's original members

1952 Expansion

???? Expansion

  • (West) Germany
  • Spain


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