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 Rules and Mission

The Mission

This organisation exists to promote peace in the North Atlantic, regulate the fishing industries and act as a military support group. Meetings may be called by any member. The organisation also aims to be independent of Japan, the USSR and the USA, but to take into consideration their respective ideas.


  1. If a member nation is attacked you are obliged to defend them. However, if you agree with why they are being attacked you may call a meeting.
  2. No nation shall extend their Territorial Waters without the agreement of all member states
  3. Every issue will be voted on (Use spheres of influence to determine NPO)
  4. No country is more important than any other.
  5. The town of Famjin, where our HQ is, is Shared Territory. It is subject to all member nations.
  6. No country will be insulting to another country. Present arguments in a logical, non-violent manner.
  7. If any nation is found guilty of breaking one of these laws they will be stripped of membership. First offence.


  • North Republic (David Rain (Sometimes...) (talk))
  • Denmark (died)
  • Netherlands (Inactive)
  • Sweden (NPO)
  • Norway (NPO)
  • Quebec (NPO)
  • People's Republic of Ireland (NPO)
  • Canada


 Resolution One: Canadian Membership


  • North Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden (RNG)
  • Norway (RNG)
  • Quebec (RNG)


  • People's Republic of Ireland (RNG)


The North Republic: sees Canada as a vital member. Whilst it may be USA aligned it is a powerful country and a obvious ally.

Denmark: Already had a alliance with Canada before Canada joined the game so like to invite it in.


Canada is accepted.

 Resolution Two: Defense System

NATOC is created for us to be independent in thinking from superpowers, and our nations are in their scope. Denmark would like to introduce a Common Defense System, splitting our members from the American, Japanese and Soviet controlled defense system, as using these they could influence our members in politics and foreign affairs.


  • North Republic
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands (Inactive-RNG)
  • Norway (RNG)


  • Sweden (NRG)
  • Quebec (NRG)
  • People's Republic of Ireland (NRG)


The North Republic: Good idea. However we should wit a while until all members have good military and we can be sure of doing so without overly offending the superpowers. 3v1 is not good. In principle a good idea. In 1980 maybe? That will alow for for logistics time.

Denmark: Any time. I'm not sure. I'm jumping out of both the UN and the IDU.

Denmark: David Rain, start doing PoV or whatever like that. The Netherlands is inactive already.



Friends of NATOC/Expansion

North Republic: We are getting quite a lot of outsider atention (particularly South America and Africa). The way the North Republic sees it we have two choices:

  1. We set up a sister organisaton or separate class for no North Atlantic nations who are allies or
  2. We change our name and allow international acsess.
    • Canada Supports option 2. Commonwealth of Nations or something?


  • North Republic
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Quebec
  • People's Republic of Ireland


  • Netherlands


Passed. NATOC reorganised into the ISL

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