Follow Matt Kenseth's 2003 Championship run, NASCAR thought about adding a playoff system, but after too much fan critism they decided not too.

2004 Final Points Standings:

1st: Jeff Gordon: 5042

2nd: Jimmie Johnson: 4995

3rd: Dale Earnhardt Jr: 4869

4th: Kurt Busch: 4795

5th: Tony Stewart: 4701

6th: Mark Martin: 4597

7th: Jamie McMurray: 4597

8th: Matt Kenseth: 4376

9th: Ryan Newman: 4361

10th: Bobby Labonte: 4277

11th: Kasey Kahne: 4274

12th: Kevin Harvick: 4228

13th: Dale Jarrett: 4214

14th: Jeremy Mayfield: 4183

15th: Rusty Wallace: 3960

Jeff Gordon wins his 5th championship after 3 straight wins from Jimmie Johnson, who finishes 2nd in points.

2005 Point Standings:

1st: Tony Stewart: 5199

2nd: Greg Biffle: 4984

3rd: Jimmie Johnson: 4771

4th: Mark Martin: 4676

5th: Ryan Newman: 4670

6th: Carl Edwards: 4593

7th: Rusty Wallace: 4512

8th: Matt Kenseth: 4451

9th: Jeremy Mayfield: 4281

10th: Kurt Busch: 4248

11th: Jeff Gordon: 4174

12th: Jamie McMurray: 4130

13th: Elliott Sadler: 4084

14th: Kevin Harvick: 4072

15th: Dale Jarrett: 3960

Tony Stewart wins his 2nd Championship

2006 Standings:
1st: Jimmie Johnson: 5158
2nd: Matt Kenseth: 5154
3rd: Kevin Harvick: 4838
4th: Tony Stewart: 4727
5th: Denny Hamlin: 4725
6th: Dale Earnhardt Jr: 4641
7th: Jeff Gordon: 4567
8th: Jeff Burton: 4535
9th: Kasey Kahne: 4497
10th: Mark Martin: 4484
11th: Carl Edwards: 4428
12th: Kyle Busch: 4416
13th: Greg Biffle: 4075
14th: Casey Mears: 3914
15th: Brian Vickers: 3906
Jimmie Johnson wins his first Championship barely beat Matt Kenseth for it
2007 Standings:
1st: Jeff Gordon: 5455

2nd: Jimmie Johnson: 5102
3rd: Tony Stewart: 4749
4th: Matt Kenseth: 4718

5th: Denny Hamlin: 4623
6th: Carl Edwards: 4599
7th: Kyle Busch: 4585
8th: Clint Bowyer: 4556
9th: Jeff Burton: 4549
10th: Kevin Harvick: 4404
11th: Kurt Busch: 4371
12th: Martin Truex Jr: 4314
13th: Ryan Newman: 4046
14th: Greg Biffle: 3991
15th: Casey Mears: 3949
Jeff Gordon dominates on his way to winning his 6th championship over teammate Jimmie Johnson.

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