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After reading this horrid Trollpasta, I decided to challenge myself, by making a decent and convincing TL out of it.

Why did I ever agree to this?

  • Note: If anyone notices any inconsistencies in my TL, feel free to point them out. If anyone would like to JOIN my TL, PM me before you do so.

Point of Divergence

On April 29th, 1945, Hitler was successful in contacting the Argentinian government, and convincing them to grant the Nazis asylum. When the Soviets finally broke into Hitler's bunker, Hitler's body had not been there. The Soviets immediately suspected Hitler of fleeing to an undisclosed location, and almost instantly notified the Americans of their findings. However, before the message was able to spread, Nazi spies were able to eliminate the entire soviet survey crew, except for the few that had managed to retaliate. Those soldiers reported back to the central authority, and advised Stalin to call upon aid from his allies as quickly as possible. But as the world dawns on the bloodiest "bloodless" war in history, the Soviets are faced with a choice, spread the information or lose the Cold War.

World Stats

  • The current world population is 6.8 billion.
  • The current mutant population is 2000 (and growing)
  • Following the destruction of Russia and the United States, there are currently only 194 sovereign nations on the Earth.
  • The Largest nation on Earth is Canada
  • The largest national economy in the world currently belongs to China, while the largest belongs to the European Union
  • The largest military in the world based on manpower currently belongs to China
  • The largest military in the world based on firepower is India
  • The country with the largest population is China
  • The first sovereign nation to operate under a Neo-Nazi regime is Argentina
  • More stats to come


Timeline (N.U.K.E.)

Nations (N.U.K.E.)

Portal (N.U.K.E.)

Wars (N.U.K.E.)

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