Mystiää Demokraattinen Kansantasavalta



Rakyat Demokratik Republik Mystiää

People's Democratic Republic of Mystiää
Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)
Flag of North Korea Emblem of North Korea
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Mystiää (PM)
Mystiää location highlighted in Lavender; Pahang highlighted in bright yellow

강성대국/Usko ja kansan tuki johtavat voittoon (Korean/Finnish)
("Powerful and Prosperous Nation")

(and largest city)
Kota Baharu
Language Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Malay
  others Shintō, Finnish Paganism
Government Juche unitary single-party state
President Ano Aaltonen
Established 1941
Annexation to Imperial Confederation of Saigyō
  date 2006

Mystiää was a nation formed in 1941. It was a part of Finland until Shogun Toyotama Jaakkola decided she had enough of this land and forced its independence.

After its defeat in 2006, it was annexed into Saigyō into the Region of Pahang.

However the nation continues on with Atto Aaltonen's son, Aatami Aaltonen forming the DPR of Mystiää Government in Exile in the nation of Southern European Collectivist League.


The colony was originally Korea, but was given to Sweden in exchange for battle ship. Soon after Sweden fell, it was given to Finland. In 1941, it was forced to be independent. Since then, President Ano Aaltonen managed to hold onto the land and had shut down the land borders for protection. In 1946 Ano Aaltonen established the military first policy. In 1948, the demilitarised zone begun being established along the Mystiää-Pahang border, and it was completed in 1950.

Soon in 1962, Pahang tried to release propaganda into the nation but was quickly taken out by President Ano Aaltonen as he managed to block out and censor the Pahang propaganda to prevent it from leaked into the nation, and also released counter-propaganda to his citizens of Mystiää. He also established orders for anyone trying to find out the truth be secretly being taken away by the 'police'.

In 1963, President Ano Aaltonen declared war on Pahang, thus starting the Malaysian War. The war lasted for a year and it ended with a ceasefire armistice in 1964.

Urban Areas

The capital is Kota Baharu. Other than that, there isn't much cities/towns around.

International Relations

It is an isolationist nation, and thus is somewhat hostile and aggressive. It's only allies are the Democratic Republic of Käwäshiro and Aragon.

Administrative Divisions

It has only two regions: Kedah and Perlis.


It is a mix of Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, and Malay.


The government is similar to OTL North Korea. Censorships levels are like OTL North Korea. All media is heavily controlled by the government, like OTL North Korea.

List of Presidents

  • Ano Aaltonen (male, Atheist, Communist) - 1941-

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