Salaperäinen Maata Pohjois (Mysterious Lands of the North) is a game for the SNES developed by Sirkku Inc., in Finland. It features some 東方Project characters as well.

It is mostly an action-adventure role-playing video game.

The Game

The game takes place in the Mysterious North Land, somewhere in Scandinavia. It features Swedish and Norwegian style cities and towns, lots of variety of attacks and weapons, and having to solve mysteries and in the end defeat the enemy who threatens to burn the North Land, Zsigmond Tűz, a Warlord who is also part-Onibi and part-Aonyōbō.


The game starts out by Koishi, Rin, and Kogasa leaving Gensokyo for a while, and travelling to the Mysterious North Land in search of a threat of a monster threatening to burn down the North Land and remove the season of Winter as well as hunting down the 6 element orbs: Metal, Wood, Earth, Wind, Water (these five have to be collected to be able to beat certain bosses in the game) and Fire (after beating the final boss).

They first travel into Hammerfjord to rest, that is until a warlord enters. During the night Rin hears a noise and she along with Koishi and Kogasa goes out to hunt the warlord, which turns out to be Ivan the Great...



Few of the art was done by ZUN. The Sirkku Inc. people did the rest of the work, like programming and etc. Some of the Music however is taken from a few 東方Project games, but made into 8-bit, while the remaining music was made by Sirkku Inc.


Additional Information

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