The Kingdom of Mysore and Hyderabad, more commonly referred to as Mysore, is a South Asian country occupying the bottom half of the Indian subcontinent. Its current ruler, Nizam Ali Singh Jafar, has held the throne since his coronation in 1997 upon the death of his uncle, Nizam Jafaral Akbar. The Kingdom is a "dual monarchy," in that it united the two Deccan kingdoms of Mysore and Hyderabad under a single crown in 1911 following the Pondicherry War, a part of the greater Colonial Wars, in which the French put down a popular rebellion in the region and united the two kingdoms into a single regional power.

The capital of Mysore is Bangalore, which is one of the largest cities in Asia and the largest city in the country. The primary religion of the region is Hinduism, although the Muslim minority is almost as powerful as the Hindus (a 60%-40% split, roughly). The most common tongues at Kannada, Tamil and French, due to the influence of the French thanks to all four members of the Golden Quarter being located along the coasts of Mysore.

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