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Myrtle Beach was a popular vacation in South Carolina. During Doomsday, the area was virtually untouched by the nuclear bombs, radiation, and chaos. It was home to some survivors of the Wilmington chaos and survivors of the great 1989 hurricane.


Myrtle Beach is located on a barrier island between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is mainly surrounded by other cities, some of which have been annexed.


Myrtle Beach was already growing fast. It was known for being a popular tourist destination. A tourist strip called Barefoot Landing was being built.

Doomsday and Its Affects

Myrtle Beach, despite having an Air Force Base, was not attacked at all. On Doomsday, communications with other areas of the country were cut and tourists trying to squeeze the last ounce out of summer were trapped in the city.

The construction of Barefoot was halted for a while. The area saw plenty of rain, the sea and land provided more than enough to feed the city. However, this was threatened when some refugees from Wilmington, North Carolina came to the city. They began to steal jobs, commit crimes, and just cause trouble for the law enforcement.

The Wilmington citizens were expelled for a while. However, they were told that they could stay if they brought supplies for Barefoot Landing (just to keep them busy) or bring blueberries from North Carolina.


Things went very well for the city when Barefoot was completed. Many hotels were turned into apartments or neighborhoods. In 1996, another shopping plaza, Broadway at the Beach, was created. People flocked to the city from all over. Due to the massive traffic to Myrtle Beach, the city annexed Surfside Beach and Conway.

In 2000, all of Horry County was annexed. Scouts began exploring the area, bringing information back with them. Again, Georgetown was annexed in 2005. From here, scouts began exploring the Charleston ruins. In 2009, they claimed Charleston county (though not settling in it, save for the very outskirts of the county), protecting the ruins of Charleston. Going inside the city of Charleston is forbidden.

In late 2010, Berkely County joined Myrtle Beach.


Since the Air Force Base was not damaged, the planes remained intact. However, there was no air traffic for some time. The first plane flew out of the base in 1989, to provide aid to the victims of the 1989 Hurricane. The Navy has also considerably expanded. They made contact with Brazil in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1994 and since then, most of the eastern seaboard of North America has been explored. A mission to Europe is planned in February of 2011.

Foreign Relations

Elizabeth City and Myrtle Beach seem to get along. Brazil and Myrtle Beach are currently trading. Myrtle Beach provides aid to cities who are not as fortunate. Wilmington is constantly the site of salvaging by Myrtle Beach scouts. Battleship North Carolina (BB-55) is a planned target for salvagers. The entire ship is scheduled to be taken to Myrtle Beach in mid-late February.

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