1599-1604: Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal and France fight the Rum-Seljuks together in the Great Seljuk War. In the peace of Naples, Seljuks have to give parts of South Italy (Pescara, Benevent) to Florence, the Ionian islands and Crete to Venice, the Sinai to France and core Hungary to Bourbon Hungary. All of Algeria and Tunisia are left to E-C-P.

1605: France starts building many ships in Suez, making it a big trade center, starts competing with Arabs for trade in the Indian Ocean.

Mas'ud IV is toppled by the army and replaced by his brother Süleyman VI.

1606-13: Russian-Kuman War. The Dvoryan republic of Polovtsia now covers all the lands between Don and Dnepr, except for Tauria (the bit between Crimea and last part of Dnepr). The Seljuks are unable to support their tributary.

1610s: Arab pirates start plundering coastal cities of Vijayanagar.

1623: Arab pirates defeated by a combined navy of Hindu and Hong. Maledives lost.

1629: France uses the opportunity to grab Algeria, where the Castillian rule isn't firm enough yet. In the following centuries, it becomes a source for slaves and a place of settlement for French and other Southern Europeans (coming from as far as Bavaria, Austria and Hungary).

1635-46: Second French-Seljuk War. In the peace of Györ, Bourbon Hungary acquires Croatia, Slavonia, Transsylvania and the Banat, France the strategically important Aden, Venice the Peloponnes, Florence the northern half of South Italy. The Italians grumble, however, because they think their share is too small.

1638: Grand Duke Piero III of Florence dies fighting the Seljuks.

1647: After the lost war, sultan Mas'ud V is toppled by the army too, replaced with his young son Kilij Arslan V.

1648: Sher Ali III introduces the printing press to Persia.

Since 1650: Separated from the rest of the Seljuk empire, the governors of Egypt start to aim for more independence.

After the fifth defeat in a row, Seljuk intellectuals (for lack of a better word) suggest a different policy - instead of trying to regain a foot in Europe, the Empire should try to build up a "Greater Seljuk Empire", including many areas in Persia and Choresm, like the empire of sultan Saladin.

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