Since 1400: Shi'ite rulers of Persia start persecuting the Ismailite minority. The Assassins fight back, but have lost their edge.

1402: Rum-Seljuks make an alliance with the Barbary pirates of North Africa. Their first combined strike goes against Genoa, which loses its islands in the Aegaean Sea.

1406: Rum-Seljuks try to conquer Montenegro and are surprisingly beaten back by the Montenegrins.

1409/10: Rum-Seljuks conquer the Peloponnes, plus the Venetian islands in the Aegaean Sea. A bit later, the Ionian islands also fall.

1414-18: For the first time for centuries, people in Western Europe are horrified again of "Asian hordes": A Seljuk-Barbary fleet crosses the Adria, lands near Taranto / Otranto, sweeps through Apulia. The king of Naples is horrified and asks anyone he can contact for help. Not that successful: France is still locked in a hard war with England and Castille; the Hungarian king would actually like to help, but the powerful nobles forbid him to send an army south while Hungary proper is threatened; the northern Italian states are busy mopping up the smaller states in the region. The pope calls for a crusade, but even that doesn't help much. Being desperate, the king makes an alliance with Naples' old enemy, Aragon, ceding Sicily officially, for once and ever, to them. The new alliance manages to defeat the Seljuks in the South. Especially their cannons help them a lot to reconquer the cities. Only Taranto and Bari in Apulia are held by the Seljuks. In 1418, an armistice is made - but both sides plan to restart war, when the time is right.

1425-36: The Great Napolitan War. After the Seljuks managed to hire an expatriate Italian willing to equip their army with cannons, they restart the war.

1426: King Ferran of Aragon takes Oran for Christianity.

1427: France enters the war on Naples' side.

1429: Circass dynasty comes to power in Egypt.

1431: After the French almost managed to defeat the Rum-Seljuks, the latter are exceptionally lucky: During the battle, the king is captured. He has to promise to leave the war to be released again. Now the tides of war turn again.

1436: The greater part of Naples becomes Seljuk. Only the western third with Pescara, Benevent, and Naples itself survives as a tributary.

1440s: The Carbonari (charburners), the anti-Seljuk resistance in Naples, start to form.

1441: Palestine (including the Sinai) becomes Seljuk.

1445: The Holy Cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina, accept the Rum-Seljuk sultan as Caliph.

1448: Venice loses Dalmatia to the Seljuks, only keeps Istria.

1449: Rasulids in Yemen completely defeated by Zaidites.

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