1352: Mamluk Egypt allies with Sultanate of Konya against Choresm. The invade Syria together, defeat the Choresmian armies several times.

1353-55: Kay Khusrau IV of Rum attacks Bulgaria, takes the capital of Tarnovo.

1357: When Choresm is in a desperate situation, the Shah hires the Assassins to get rid of his enemies. The general of the Mamluks and the Sultan of Konya are killed. Kay Khusrau unites Konya with Rum again (and later removes the young heirs of his brother). He rules the succession, to avoid another split of the Empire for the future. Choresm makes peace, only gives northern Palestine back to Egypt.

1360: Karvuna (OTL Dobruja) is made a tributary of the Rum-Seljuks.

1361: Rum-Seljuks conquer Thessalia back and invade the duchy of Athens. The crusaders are now restricted to the Peloponnes, Epirus and the Aegaean islands.

1362: Shi'ite revolt in Persia begins, which will eventually lead to Persia becoming independent again.

1363: Caliphate in Baghdad abolished by Shi'ites; Seljuks now claim the Caliph title for themselves / their Abbasid puppets.

1364-69: Rum-Seljuks battle the allied Serbians and Bosnians, occupy their lands.

1365: Persians throw off the Choresmian yoke, forming a new Shi'ite empire under the Zahedid dynasty (named after an old Sufi order) that includes Azerbaijan and Mesopotamia. Afghanistan also becomes independent again.

1370: A new leader of the steppe people with the name Arik-Buqa who converted to Islam, together with the united people, starts what he calls a Jihad - although he'll also fight against other Muslims, if he perceives them as decadent.

1371: Rum-Seljuks pick up the pieces in Syria where the breakdown of the Choresmian empire left a power vacuum.

1374: Crusaders thrown out of Epirus. The Rum-Seljuks also try to conquer the Peloponnes, but are defeated by Teodoro of Monferrat, whom some people call "the last real knight". Black Death reaches Afghanistan.

1375: Arik-Buqa destroys the country of the Kirghiz, scattering their remains.

1377-81: Black Death hits Persia.

1378: Serbians rebel against the Muslims, but are brutally repressed. In the city of Niš, all adult people are killed. The sultan orders that the children are to be raised as Muslims - later they will turn into TTL's first Janissaries.

1378-85: Black Death strikes Choresm, preventing a reconquest of Persia.

1380: Trapezunt conquered by Rum-Seljuks.

1383-87: Rum-Seljuks cross the Danube, defeat the Hungarians several times, take control of Vlachia.

1384-90: Seljuk lands struck by Black Death, which helps them losing the Crusade. The little isolated country of Montenegro is spared by the plague, though.

1386-89: Arik-Buqa strikes against the weakened Choresm. After his hordes finally leave, as the historians say, "not even grass grows any more" in the north-eastern provinces.

1387-89: Egypt hit by Black Death.

1388-91: Last crusade. Hungarians and their allies can win some battles against the Seljuks, take Bosnia back, but no more.

1396-1400: After the Seljuks have somewhat recovered from the Black Death, they strike against Hungary again. They occupy Moldavia, Bosnia and Slavonia (East Croatia).

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Muslim world 1300-1350

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Muslim world 1400-1450

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