Muslim World is a community timeline, meaning anyone can contribute.


Map of Europe

Welcome to Muslim World!! A co-operation Timeline that concentrates on if the Muslims won the Battle of Tours.

Differences from OTL


  • A strong sense of community created from a mostly homogeneous culture spanning several continents has caused interpersonal attitudes to be much more civil and manners better practised than OTL.
  • Personality is much different among people.


  • Tastes in clothing lean towards the decorative yet modest.
  • High art is more accessible, leading to the majority of households being decorated both with paintings and sketchings along with tapestries and sculpture.


  • From Ethiopia to Russia lie beautiful mosques up to and beyond the size of OTL cathedrals. Many European mosques take architectural cues from old Christian designs.
  • Houses tend to vary, with any number of shapes and sizes along a single street.
  • (more to come)

Religion :

  • Up to 70% of the world's populace identifies itself as Islamic.
  • The remainder is composed mostly of Far Eastern religions, with Christianity and Judaism having been mostly absorbed into Islam or persevering in isolated and scattered communities.


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