As there's no hip hop. The new Electronic Dance music (Synthpop, Hi-NRG, House, Garage Music) dominates the teen, thanks to positive lyrics. Synthpop, House and other styles are much more popular in 80's and 90's (unlike OTL) In 1983 a regional African-American synthpop scene arises creating many bands such as World Class Wreckin Cru', Vanity 6 and others. European Synthpop becomes more popular in USA (than OTL), with Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics being best-selling single of 1983. Contemporary R&B and New Jack Swing still exists but having different influences (such as Dancehall, Soft Rock and Synthpop). In 1990 a Synthpop band Depeche Mode releases the best-selling single ever (selling 20 million copies) named Enjoy the Silence. The song reaches in all countries No.1, thus being the only song to achieve it.

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