One of the main events of the late XIX century is the Murder of Wilhelm I, also romanticised by Socialist writers are poets as The Day Tyranny Fell. This is, as could be seen in the name of the event, the time when Wilhelm I, German Emperor was shot by Doctor Karl Nobiling in June 2 of 1878. Karl Nobiling, a political independent with large Socialist tendencies, decided to shoot Wilhelm I, before disappearing.


The German Empire was established in 1871 after the destruction of the French army in the Franco-Prussian war. This unified German empire inherited a large amount of the traditions of the Prussian Kingdom, which established Conservative junker rule over the government. Prime Minister of Prussia Otto von Bismark was appointed as Chancellor of Germany, giving control of the nation to the junkers. This upset the liberal hopes of German nationalists and socialists. Although some concessions, like the welfare state of the German Empire, were given, the government was deeply conservative, and provincial landtags were deeply undemocratic. This increased the annoyance of the liberal NLP and FVP, and the socialist SDP.

A hope for these liberal and socialist sides was Frederick of Prussia. Frederick was a liberal, who often sided towards the United Kingdom and planned to expand the rights of women and the poor. However, Wilhelm, while growing old, continued to rule with no apparent damage to his physical and mental health. Therefore, some of the most extremist liberals and socialists agreed in saying that, given Wilhelm is not to die, he must be murdered.

The Murder

The emperor drove through an open carriage in Unter den Linden boulevard in Berlin. While he drove past the plaza, Nobiling hid in a house, with a shotgun poised out of the window. It is not known what the status of this house was; it might have been Nobiling's himself. When Wilhelm passed through, Nobiling fired.

The bullet hit Wilhelm in the head, and he was immediatwly rushed off to a general hospital. In the chaos of the post-assassination Unter, Nobiling disappeared, perhaps going off into Dresden.


The consequences to Wilhelm's murder are extremely large and wide-ranging.

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