In this timeline various species of humans/hominoids persist into historical or even modern times - including Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals, and Flores man.

They are, initially regionally based (Neanderthals in northern areas of Europe/Eurasia), Flores people spreading across Indonesian islands and so on.

From OTL Homo erectus populations went into Asia, with a population getting isolated on Flores Island to produce 'hobbits' and Neanderthals went into Europe and adapted to Ice Age conditions.

In this timeline the various species of humans and hominids are more robust, and capable of maintaining themselves. With first contact there was probably some exchange of diseases, and fighting for resources.

Different types of interaction develop, depending in part upon the particular species interacting, their particular capacities and what local resources are available. Where there are sufficient resources and the several species of hominid are sufficiently developed a measure of trade/barter and cooperation develops between them. Depending upon the species and groups involved communication is by verbal means or sign language of various kinds.

When the various species develop sufficiently to discuss philosphy there is much discussion as to whether any species is "better" than others

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