In this timeline, Great Britain didn't discover Australia in 1788. Instead, the Netherlands discovered it in 1760 during the Seven Years War, with this, other great powers like Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and France. Would compete in the "Scramble for Australia", but this would be no peaceful colonization, this was a part of the Seven Years War, but the Netherlands were lucky due to not being at war with any of the nations. They would clinch Nieuwland (Western Australia) and Zudia (South Australia), Spain would get Reysland (Queensland), and Portugal would gain Terradeserta (Northern Territory), Great Britain would gain South East Australia (New South Wales and Victoria) and France would only gain Montagneia (Tasmania).

Even though some Australian colonies would gain Independence after World War II due to mass amount of debt from the colonial holders. But there were issues during the cold War.

Bold = OTL equivalent.

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