His Bravery
Muhsin el-Hussein
محسن الحسين
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Monarch Fahad I
Governor General Jafar bin Fahad
Muhsin ibn Hadad el-Hussein (Arabic: محسن بن حداد الحسين, born November 20, 1956) known by Muhsin el-Hussein (Arabic: محسن الحسين) in short and known by his kunya Abu Malik (Arabic: مالك), is a North Syrian politcian, businessman and philanthropist who is the current leader of the Free Democratic Party and the 2nd and current Prime Minister of North Syria. He started his political career as a Mayor of the city of Latakia, and served in the side of the opposition coalition forces in the Syrian Civil War against Bashar al-Assad. He was the Commander in Chief of the Free Democratic Army.

The newly-formed constitutional monarchy that would become North Syria held its first ever federal elections on November 1, 2011 as King Fahad decided that his power should be vested in a Prime Minister, adopting Westminster politics. As leader of the Free Democratic Party, Hussein emerged victorious. Over the course of his leadership, he would emerge to represent right-wing politics in the Kingdom, passing a number of bills that promote right-wing politicies and helped turn North Syria into the power that it is today in the Middle East.

Of these policies, they included making English co-official to Arabic in placement of French, tightening border security and immigration policies, supporting capital punishment, and repealing the Peaceful Citizens Act. Among others, he also supports the Aramaic Christian restoration movement.

El-Hussein is also known for his foreign policies unorthodox to North Syrian leaders before him. For example, El-Hussein's government has been friendly to the Soviet Union, being a fluebnt Russian-speaker himself and has allowed the Soviet Air Force to continue its airstrikes in Syria. In fact, El-Hussein officially began Soviet-North Syrian relations, paving the way for embassy openings in each other's nation. El-Hussein has also stated his willingness to help the Bashar al-Assad regime fight rebels. El-Hussein also states that he supports the Trump Administration.

He also owns $1.3 billion worth of personal property both in North Syria and aboad. He owns property in France, United Arab Emirates, United States and Mexico. Forbes magazine ranked him 2016's Most Powerful Man in World.

However, his leadership was challenged by the left-leaning Progressive Party, led by Princess Razia, the third daughter of King Fahad. There have been many calls by left-wing pundits and other opposition to see him impeached.

Because of his right-wing position, he has been criticized by a number of human rights activists, stating that he was "repeating" Bashar al-Assad's rule in North Syria, a country that the North Syrian people had fought to become independant from.

In 2015, El-Hussein stated that he would make a run for a second term as Prime Minister. He was opposed largerly by Razia bint Fahad of the Progressive Party. Although Razia bint Fahad was expected to win a landslide victory, the FDP, led by El-Hussein would win 89 seats of the 200 in the Lower Court of the North Syrian Parliament, topping the Progressive Party's 76 seats. Razia bint Fahad and other left-wing groups in North Syria accused Muhsein el-Hussein of rigging the election.