Abu Aamir Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Aamir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur أبو عامر محمد بن عبد الله بن أبي عامر الحاجب المنصور (c. 938 - September 10, 1006) was Chancellor of the Caliphate of Córdoba during Hisham II's reign up until Muhammad attempted a political coup against him. His attempt failed and he was executed.

Early Life

He was born Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir, into a noble Arab family from the area of Algeciras. He arrived at the Court of Córdoba as a student studying law and literature. He became manager of the estates of Prince Hisham II. He struggled throughout his life to outwit political rivals and was known to be a schemer.

Conflict with the new Caliph

When Al-Hakam II died, he believed he could easily control the new Caliph Hisham II, but he had grown strong enough to lead the country. Hisham II kept Muhammad on as his Chancellor, and the joint leadership did bring some victories in Navarre and Barcelona, bringing them into Córdoba's borders. When Muhammad believed he had enough support, largely from Berber mercenaries from North Africa, he attempted a political takeover, resulting in the Córdobian Civil War.

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