Born to a Peasant family in the Sirte Desert region in 1942 he was given a traditional religious education at a boarding school. At the School he met the future members of the Revolutionary committee. He studied Law at the University of Libya but in 1963 entered the Military Academy. After graduation in 1965 he was sent to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for further training by King Idris the first. On September First 1969 al-Qaddafi seized power and deposed Idris. As an ally of Egypt he began to work for Pan-Arabism. In 1978 he started a Border conflict with his neighbors to the South, Chad. At the same time he was challenging American supremacy to the point of Terrorism. In a bombing raid by the US in 1981 al-Qaddafi was killed. His son took over after his death as Muhammad the First, King of Cyrennaica.

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