Mstislav Romanovich the Old
Мстислав Романович Старий (Ukr.)
Мстислав Романович Старый (Rus.)
Grand Prince of Kiev
In office
Preceded by Roman the Great
Succeeded by None; position abolished
Tsar of Kiev
In office
Preceded by None; position established
Succeeded by Konstantin of Rostov
Personal details
Born Mstislav Romanovich
7 May 1104
Kiev, Kievan Rus Alex K Kyiv Michael 2
Died 2 August 1261
Kiev, Tsardom of Kiev Flag of Ukrainian People's Republic 1917
Nationality East Slavic

Mstislav Romanovich the Old (Ukrainian: Мстислав Романович Старий; Russian: Мстислав Романович Старый) (died 1223), commonly called Mstislav III of Kiev, was Tsar of Kiev (1225—1261), Prince of Pskov (1179–?), Smolensk (1197–?), Belgorod (1206), Halych (?–?) and Grand Prince of Kiev (1212–1223). He was the son of Roman Rostislavich.

Mstislav went to war against the Mongols of Genghis Khan in 1223 and was triumphant at the Battle of the Kalka River. After his victory against the foreign invaders, Mstislav III declared himself the Tsar of Kiev and embarked on a campaign to unify the Slavic principalities into one state, founding the Tsardom of Kiev.

Alex K Kyiv Michael 2 Preceded by:
Roman the Great
Grand Prince of Kiev Succeeded by:
Position abolished; himself as Tsar of Kiev
Alex K Kyiv Michael 2 Preceded by:
Position established; himself as Grand Prince of Kiev
Tsar of Kiev Succeeded by:
Konstantin of Rostov