Flag of Mozambique (1974-1975)
is a East African nation, which is currently a Dominion of Empire of Madagasikara. Mozambika was established in its current form by the merger of Mozambika and Pembara in the 1530s.


The history of the current state of Mozambika dates back to the establishment of the Comoran colony of Pembara along the coast of East Africa.

Mozambika was vassalized later on, and the two nations were eventually combined. Mozambika currently maintains dominion status, being directly under the Emperor of Madagasikara, but operated by a Viceroy.


The economy of Mozambika is heavily reliant upon farming and other agricultural industries. There is also a large industry developed around fishing, with the two primary catches being shrimp and prawn.

The northern regions are the most fertile of Mozambika, but the nation grows crops throughout the coast. Sugar, tea, nuts, and tobacco are the primary crops, but Mozambikans also are known to farm timber, citrus, cotton, and coconuts.

The city of Mozambika is a major...


The culture of Mozambika is very similar to that of Madagasikara. Mozambika primarily uses Latinized Swahili as the main language, although there is some usage of Spanish among the Spaniards who live in Mozambika.

Culturally, Mozambika is a confluence of Malagasy, Bantu, Arab, and European influences. The primary religion is Christianity, which was introduced by the Spanish and the Madagasikarans.

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