Mountain of Faith cover

東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith is the tenth official game of the Touhou series and the first to use completely new engine.


Mountain of Faith has three playable characters, each with two weapon types, and each have a personalised spellcard bomb.

Rest of gameplay is same as OTL.


It is autumn in Gensokyo. A stranger comes to the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum and says that they should move out of the palace. Seiga Kaku refuses and she, Yuyuko Saigyouji, or Yukari Yakumo is going to investigate the situation.

Seiga, Yukari, and Yuyuko all went toward the Youkai Mountain where they meet Aki sisters, and afterwards Hina. Hina tells them to take the strange roadway that leads to the mountain.

On the way they pass by a town, and meets Aya Shameimaru. Aya Shameimaru tells them that there is a problem and she needed to investigate, but she lets them pass by.

Soon they reach a partly built Taiwanese-like town, and eventually meet Nitori Kawashiro, who says the kappa are troubled by a new god on the mountain. Afterwards, Seiga, Yuyuko, and Yukari follow the winding trail of road with lots of twists and turns. Soon they run into Momiji Inubashiri, who is guarding the dangerous roadways and tries to tell them to turn back, but lets them pass upon defeat.

Later they reach Sanae Kochiya, and she says that the new god tries to collect faith and honour for Kanako Yasaka. Sanae is defeated and Kanako interferers, and eventually Kanako says she will make peace with the kappa and tengu, while she becomes goddess of the mountain.

In the Extra stage, Seiga, Yukari and Yuyuko thinks that there is something missing. So they investigate again and encounters Suwako Moriya, who is the shrine's true god. There, Suwako challenges them to a fight, in which she loses.