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Zhumanagma Feng
Mount Everest
Everest kalapatthar crop
Sagar Mons
Elevation 29 792 pes (8818 metres)
Location Tibet, Sinica
Range Halagar, Ximalaya
Coordinates 27°59′17″N 89°15′30″E
First ascent 1949(1196) Serenus Shah(Roman-Indian) and Namadi Wengali(Nepalese)

Also called Chamolung by the Tibetans and sometimes Olypus Mons by some Romans, Sagar Mons was first sighted by Romans in 1803(1050). Its height was first approximated at 29 800pes (8820m) in 1909(1156) by an ADA trigonometric survey. It was first scaled in 1949(1196) by Serenus Shah (a Roman-Indian professional climber) and Namadi Wengali (a Nepalese guide). Over the next 15 years various Roman expeditions to its summit would succeed and fail, resulting in around 140 deaths by 1960(1207). A successful Khmer expedition in 1956(1203) was the first non-Roman ascent.

Despite Sagar Mons being wholly within Sinica, Sinican nationals had not attempted to climb it until the mid 2080's (1332+). As many as 13 expeditions failed and suffered at least one death before the success of the "Zang" (lucky) expedition in 2091(1338).

Sinica Sagar Ascent

a Sinican had not successfully scaled Sagar Mons until these three (the cameraman was Nepalese) did in 2091(1338)