— Confederate State of Mississippia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Louisiana, Florida
Flag of Moundville
Flag of Moundville
Capital Moundville
Largest city Moundville
Other cities TBD
Language Cahokian, French
Religion French Catholicism
Southern Cult
Ethnic group Mississippian
Demonym Moundvillian
Chief tbd
Population 1,236,488 (1580) 
Established 1558

Moundville is the second most populous confederate state of the Mississippian Confederation. Known for its eponymous capital city, Moundville has a rich history of growth and a brief period of rivalry with Cahokia in the early 1400s.

Moundville's location along the Gulf of Zapoteca has made it one of the foremost states in Mississippia, and is one of the most advanced. Moundville also has the most contact with France and controls the Mississippia Delta.




Year Population Change
1570 1,511,925 N/A
1580 1,236,488 275,437


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