Emirate of Mostanqia
Imarat Mostanqi
Timeline: St. George's Night

OTL equivalent: Texas Gulf coast

'lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadur-rasūlu-llāh' (Arabic)
("There is no god but God, Muhammad is the prophet of God.")

(and largest city)
  others Arabic, Turkish
  others Judaism
Ethnic Group Arabs, Moriscos
Demonym Mostanqi
Government Emirate
Area 315,159 km²
Established 1520
Currency Various

The Emirate of Mostanqia was a semi-autonomous Ottoman colony established in the New World in the 1530s, primarily as a base for raiding Spanish treasure ships, although it would later expand into a large and powerful semi-independent state under the Barbarossa emirs. Founded by Oruc and Hayreddin, two Algerian corsairs and nominal Ottoman vassals who sought to attack the galleons bringing gold from the south, the area was settled largely by the expelled Muslim population of Granada, the Moriscos, in contrast to other Ottoman colonies largely settled by Turks, contributing to a brutal rivalry with Spanish colonies in the New World that led to numerous wars. The Emirate's existence came to an end after the Second Carib War (St. George's Night), when it was conquered by the Castilians and incorporated into Mexico. The Mostanqi then rebelled in the Columbian Jihad, and, although defeated, fled inland to avoid Castilian authority, eventually founding the nation of Nou Mostanqia. After relations between the Sephardic Jewish and Morisco populations deteriorated, the Jewish portion of the population moved even further inland, founding the nation of Sephardia around a massive inland salt lake.