The Moscow Pact was an international alliance that existed between 1930 to 1937. The alliance was formed to protect all Communist nations against possible Fascist or American attack. The alliance went to went to war four years later with the Central Powers when Germany launched a pre-emptive attack on the UCS in 1934. The alliance would not last long after that. Signs of weakness appeared when the strongest alliance member, the UCS, was pushed as far as back as Moscow.


The alliance slowly re-built itself from the effects of civil war or the First Great War. The UCS had only just gotten back to pre-war industrial levels. The new Turkish nation was rebuilding from a bloody civil war. Bulgaria still had ethnic violence going on. Industrialization had continued in the members, and their militaries were slowly being rebuilt. However, the Central Powers attacked before the Moscow Pact could recover enough to defend themselves.

The Second Great War

Germany invaded the UCS as a pre-emptive attack. Austria-Hungary soon invaded Bulgaria before the Turkish armies could arrive and attack Austria-Hungary. Germany made strong advances in the UCS, and was only stopped when the British invaded Northern France, forcing Germany to send some of its army to go stop them. The British were kicked out, but the Russians were able to re-equip themselves. However, back on the Eastern Front, the Siege of Stalingrad had started and it was taken by the end of the year. The next year, the Germans went on the offensive again, attacking north and south of Moscow and taking over Vovograd. Moscow was soon surrounded and the Siege of Moscow began. In 1937, when Moscow fell, all of the Moscow Pact surrendered. The Moscow Pact officially ceased to exist, and all of its members became puppet states of the Central Powers.

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