Moscow is a city in the Zheronian Direct Governance Zone, th
300px-Moscow Kremlin from Kamenny bridge

The Moscow Kremlin, a major landmark of Moscow.

e territory occupied by the Zheronian aides to the Greater German Reich.

Moscow was originally the capital of the Soviet Union, before the country's defeat in Operation Barbarossa. Moscow was then given directly to Zheronian Fleet Admiral Vor'Kloren, to be used as an area for the Zheronian fleet to rebuild and rearm, and to be used as a planetary coordination center.

Under the Zheronians, Moscow became a major intergalactic spaceport, with several docking bays for ISOT-equipped ships. To maintain order with the newly-conquered Russian populace, the Zheronians cybernetically reanimated the corpse of Vladimir Lenin to serve as a governor, to the ridicule of the world press.

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