Destruction of Mortis


Confrontation on Mortis

Mortis incident

Cause chaos and takeover Sendac


14 December 1113 ABC


Sendac, Intergalactic Republic


Haladna Thanda retreats


Intergalactic Republic
Sendi Order

Haladna Thanda


High Minister Persane Blauw
Sendi Master Sophie Danai

Haladna Thanda


1 Chrelytian
Thousands of plasmatanks
Tens of thousands of soldiers
Hundreds of skyships

1 Chrelytian


Very high


Civilian casualties

Millions killed
Hundreds of building lit on fire and destroyed

The Mortis incident took place on 14 December 1113 ABC, after the escape of Haladna Thanda from Chrelytium.


Previously, The Ones travelled to Chrelytium to save their friend from the evil Haladna Thanda. However she lured them in a trap and locked them in the palace. She fled to Mortis, eventually The Ones were able to escape with the full power of the full 12,  they begged her to give up, she refused and blew up the planet, disrupting The Force in the entire universe, and beyond that. The Ones seemed to give up the battle and Thanda went to Sendac, where she began causing chaos.


When Haladna Thanda arrived at Sendac, she went to the podium before the Presidential Palace, where she announced to the entire planet that a new age was about to begin, an age of "renewal" was about to begin. Mass panic soon erupted while High Minister Persane Blauw tried to keep the people calm. Thanda began causing chaos by randomly setting buildings on fire and launching attacks at people. Civil alarm was heard over the entire planet, warning everyone to hide. Thanda was attacked by the military, hundreds of tanks, skyships and soldiers attacked her. She defeated all of them by blowing them up or throwing them away. While chaos erupted, Persane Blauw and Sendi Master Sophie Danai led the defense. Many Sendi came to the aid of the people, but were no match for Thanda. Eventually Sophie attacked Thanda herself and while she did everything she could, she was defeated. Minister Persane Blauw was attacked and while she defended herself temporarily she was quickly disabled.

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