Galaxy Kolorosia
Planetary System None
Suns None
Moons 4
Rotation period 20 hours
Diameter 15,000 km
Primary terrain Mountains, forests, seas
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species None
Immigrated species Chrelytians
Government None
Language Chrelytian
Population 10
Capital None
Affiliation None
“A planet outside time...The planet in the universe where all Force flows through...”
~ Cadence Zash
Mortis is a rogue planet in the Kolorosia Galaxy. It is one of the few mostly unexplored planets, with every source of knowledge of the planet coming from outside the planet, as no known visitors have ever returned from the planet. Mortis is a Force-imbued planet, even though it has no sun there is life on it caused by the influence of the Force. The Chrelytians claim it is the place in Realitea where all Force flows through. Its climate is very weird and the planet "dies" and "revives" every day. Its surface is continually shrouded with strange radiation and clouds. It has many native animals and planets, though no native sentient ones. The Chrelytians are the only known sentient species to live on the planet and almost none have left the planet since they colonized it a billion years ago when their home planet was almost completely destroyed. A day on Mortis seems to be only a few seconds in the rest of the universe. On 14 December, Haladna Thanda who had escaped from Chrelytium destroyed the planet completely, disrupting the flow of The Force in the universe and causing chaos to form in the entire universe.


Mortis looks like a weird purple planet with radiations, with two planetary rings and fours moons

Landscape on Mortis

from outer space, suggesting the planet is an inhospitable. Though this is misleading as Mortis has some very hospitable and pleasant locations. The surface is covered with various ecosystems such as deserts, seas, forests, jungle, mountains, ice, tundra, plains, swamps and others. A curious feature is the presence of floating rocks, which is caused by the enormous Force in the planet.


Mortis has existed for several billions of years, some say it was present at the beginning of time. The Force was so strong on this planet that life formed, though the planet was a rogue planet and would have frozen if not for the strong presence of The Force. Life was abundant on the planet, though each day all organisms "die", to simply be reborn and die again the following day. The Chrelytians seem to be unaffected by this.

Colonization by the Chrelytians

Around a billion years before the Battle of Sendac, the Chrelytians whose home planet was rendered uninhabitable, moved to this planet, being attracted to the planet's Force. Over the course of hundreds of millions of years all Chrelytians but ten disappeared. Over the course of this large period of time they constructed many large monuments, including the legendary Mortis Library. One of the few outsiders to have visited the planet are Sophie Danai,Joash III and Sky Nadast, but they are Chrelytians themselves with the exclusion of Joash.