Like most North African Nations, Morocco's land was left alone for the most part in the first centuries of Spain's Emergence in 1469. However, this doesn't mean the rights of the Africans weren't tampered with.

Trade Money for Freedom

Spain knew they couldn't simply invade Morocco like they did Granada. King Alfonso and Queen Isabella would have loved to continue the Reconquista, however the Moors had a strong identity of Islam and Independence that couldn't be destroyed easily. The Spanish Crown hid this fact, and for the next 2 centuries demanded rights to ALL of Morocco's Ports on the Atlantic. Of course, the Portuguese Merchants dealt with all matters involving trade (see "Granada Deal(Iberian Wedding)"). In Exchange for Peaceful Seizure, Morocco's People will not be enslaved and will be allowed to live peacefully in these new Spanish Ports as Full Catholic Citizens. Morocco only revolted once, in 1594, and once it was put down easily the African nation never tried anything again until the 18th Century. This practice of inclusion and exploit of the Native People will be brought to the New World Colonies and Asian subjects.

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